Life Goggles

Chapter 1, Verse 1: The Obligatory Introduction

Posted in Uncategorized by rreynolds2186 on June 27, 2010

Life Goggles? Is that supposed to be some sort of deep, poetic title meant to catch a reader’s attention and make them think that because the title is so deep and enlightening that the text contained there within should be the same? Does the writer realize how dumb a blog entitled “Life Goggles” really is?

Save the questions. I’ve thought of them myself. Truth is, I decided I wanted a space to just talk about my favorite subjects: sports, movies, music, TV, life. Just so happens, I’m quite uncreative when it comes to thinking up titles, so I went to a name generator site on the interwebs, typed in “life” and it came back with several results. Life Goggles happened to be one of them. Voila! A blog is born.

So please, judge this blog (I really do hate that word) on the content of the posts, not on the name of the blog.

What should you, my dear reader, expect while reading this? Truthfully, I can’t tell you that at this time. I’m not sure how regularly I will update this. I can’t tell you how often I will talk about sports or life or religion or even if I will talk about any of those things. I’m on a road trip without a map here.

There may be some grammatical issues, I may not follow proper sentence structure at times. The point of this all is that I plan to jot down thoughts on topics that I feel like talking about. Whether you want to read that is up to you; I don’t care whether you read this or not. I won’t take it personally if you decide to take the easy route and go back to reading Perez Hilton’s latest musings.

I can assure you that most of the posts following this one will be much more interesting. I can promise that you will love, hate, or feel indifferent towards the essays and writings contained within these pages. And I can guarantee that at some point I will probably make fun of Nickleback, Vin Diesel, Brett Favre, or maybe all three in the same sentence.

To wrap up the initial post, I figured I’d start something that I hope to carry on throughout my time updating this. I’ll either jot down the song I’m listening to as I finish the post or just a song I recommend at that time.

For today, song as of this sentence: “Flightless Bird” by Iron & Wine

Goodnight and we’ll talk in the near future.